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#166: Are You Able To Fit Your Company’s Mission Into A 1 Minute Pitch? | Elizabeth Lindsey

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Elizabeth Lindsey is the Executive Director of Byte Back, a Washington, DC based nonprofit providing free technology education and career training to unemployed adults. In 2017, she competed in the WeWork Creator Awards pitch competition, winning the top scale prize of $360,000 for Byte Back.

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#164: Time To Make Money On Your Expertise | Dorie Clark

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Dorie Clark is an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and she consults and speaks for clients including Google, Microsoft, and the World Bank. Her new book is Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive.

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#162: One Simple Question That Will Immediately Make You A Better Leader | Dave Munson

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Dave Munson is the founder and owner of Saddleback Leather, a business he started out of the back of his beat up truck in Mexico back in 2003. Saddleback now does over $15 million a year in sales…all online. He is an adventurer, a man with a huge heart, and a natural story teller.

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